Hello and welcome to this very unfinished site! My name is Tomat and I don't really know what to say about myself... but I'm 19 years old and my main interests are drawing, manga/anime and nature related stuff. I'll write something more descriptive some other day :^S

I mainly made this website to practice HTML and I feel like I've made a lot of progress thanks to it. Not needing to google every single thing anymore is very nice. When it comes to actually filling the site with content it's not going so well though... I feel like I don't really have a lot to say about anything right now. Hopefully it will change or this site will continue being nearly empty forever ;_;

The url is a misspelled version of "piirakka" which means pie or pasty in finnish, I thought it sounded cute.

Also I'm always looking for new friends because I don't have any in real life, so feel free to message me if you think we could get along! Contact info is at the bottom.


Discord: tomat#4556
Email: tomatblad@gmail.com
Myanimelist: curcurbita